Not-So-Scary Nethergrim


If anyone wants a not-so-scary story, look no further than The Nethergrim.

If anyone wants a not-so-scary story, look no further than The Nethergrim. This book, by Matthew Jobin is about a wanna-be wizard, Edmund, a great girl leader, Katherine, and an orphan, Tom trying to stop an ancient evil.

 The story starts in the small town of Moorvale, where reports are coming in that pigs, horses and even children are going missing.

 Many people are saying that an ancient evil, the Nethergrim, who was killed by a great lord, has returned. The villagers don’t really care, even though some of their livestock is missing, because the legends say that the Nethergrim had fallen, and those stories are always true.

That is changed when a couple of children, including Edmund’s little brother, are taken from right under their noses. Edmund and the others, after a little while, set out to find these children.

This book is a definite 1 out of five stars. Even though it is supposed to be a horror novel, I think that the author tried to tone it down a bit for kids, and went a bit too far, so it was kind of boring, because you lose some of the important details.

I also think that the prologue was entertaining, but not very helpful. It didn’t give you any info about the main characters, and nothing about the Nethergrim.

Lastly, I want to note that in this book, they spend a lot of their time doing nothing after the kidnapping. A third of the book was about them living a normal life, except without the kids.

Overall, I would recommend this book to kids 8-11, because it is still sort of scary. I would also recommend this to lovers of horror, but be warned, it isn’t very scary.
Those are my thoughts for this book. I think that some people will like it, but for all others, try a different book.