The Muppets are back, again!




The movie Muppets Most Wanted is about how the Muppets are going to make a sequel to the first movie. They start with a song called “Were doing A Sequel.” They even say in the song “Everyone knows the sequel is not quite as good.” I thought that this sequel was just as good and I give it two fuzzy thumbs up.


The movie is all about Constantine, the world’s most dangerous frog, who joins up with Dominic Badguy who is taking the Muppets on their world tour to help his plan of getting king Henry’s crown jewels. So once Constantine breaks out of jail he switches identities with Kermit. With help from Dominic, Constantine takes the Muppets places to perform so that they can go down as the greatest criminals of all time.


Through out the movie there were many famous actors like Ty Burrell as the police who joins up with a Muppet from the C.I.A. and tries to solve the case. My favorite song was “Interrogation Song” the song they sang together. Also Tina Fey plays as the warden for a Russian prison. There were also many funny songs that the actors sang with the Muppets. There was also short appearances from Ross Lynch and Usher and many other actors.


You would probably want to see first movie before this one. Because they did mention the first movie a couple times and it really wouldn’t have made sense. I personally thought that it was a good movie but the point of the first movie was to say that the muppets are back and now they are back again so it wasn’t as interesting. Otherwise this was a great movie and its worth going to see because of all the hilarious jokes and songs and even just to go see the Muppets. I think a lot of the parents and children will enjoy this movie because they get to see all of their favorite muppets like Kermit and Miss Piggy. The movie was kind of predictable because you could tell what was going to happen but there was also parts where you were in suspense. I liked this movie and I hope you will to.