Not a Drop to Drink


     It is hard to imagine living a life that is dedicated to survival.

     It is hard to imagine living a life that is dedicated to survival. “Not a Drop to Drink” by Mindy McGinnis is about Lynn, a teenage country girl, and her dangerous and romantic journey for survival.


     Lynn lives in a frontier like world where water is scarce. All of Lynn’s water comes from a pond near her house. A drought, a snowless winter, coyotes, and people looking for a drink all pose a threat to her life, so anyone that comes for water either leaves thirsty or not at all. Many people risk their lives going west, trying in vain to find precious water and when someone like Lynn has a whole pond, they aim their guns there, conquering and killing for the water that makes up their life.


     When Lynn’s mother gets killed by vicious coyotes that prowl the house day and night, it’s up to Lynn to defend her precious pond from thirsty thieves. Now she is all alone against the whole hostile world. As Lynn’s life progresses though, she begins to trust her neighbors, Stebbs, Eli, Lucy, Neva, and Vera. I loved the part when Lynn falls in love with Eli, but will their love last? Will they survive?


    I would recommend the book “Not a Drop to Drink” to older kids who are looking for a serious reading and will enjoy a novel that has romance and lots of violence. Mindy McGinnis did an incredible job at writing the story that makes you think about the real value of life. Would you risk your life to get a drop of water or kill for it? What makes you a human being and not an animal? ? Overall, I really enjoyed this fast moving novel!