“A Time to Dance”






When Veda loses her leg, her dancing world is crushed. However her journey towards taking the stage again is an inspirational trip for reader ages ten and up. As she overcomes many obstacles, she warms your heart, though young children might struggle with the concept.


This book takes place in India, and Veda and her family are quite religious. I am not religious and I had no issues reading this book, but if you do not like a lot of talk of religion, I do not recommend this book for you. It doesn’t get too overly God related, but just be warned before you read this book. Another warning: because the book takes place in India, there are a few tricky words, such as “bharatanatyam”, which is a type of dance.


Additionally, don’t be expecting a full blown, all around story, because it is written in free verse poetry form. But don’t fret. I struggle with poetry and I had no problems following the plot of the story. In fact, it was fun getting to try out an alternative writing style.


All in all, “A Time to Dance” by Padma Venkatraman is a great read for mature ten year olds and up. It is sure to go on my “Favorite Books” list. This book will definitely dance its way through your heart as it did mine.