Horses Galore


    For me, any day around horses is a good day, and so it may be for other visitors who came to the recent Rocky Mountain Horse Expo.


    The Rocky Mountain Horse Expo included many different vendors, booths, and shows, but among the most exciting for me was the Colt Starting Competition and the Mane Event. The Colt Starting Competition consisted of 8 decagonal pens, 8 young, untrained horses, and 1 or 2 trainers to each horse. One of the fascinating facts I learned from the Colt Starting is that horses respond to the release of pressure, not pressure itself.


    The most enthralling thing for many people, was the Mane Event. Complete with many acts and horses, of course, it’s not surprising that many people flocked to the Event Center to see the Mane Event. Some of the horses that performed were Haflingers, a Friesian, mustangs, Icelandic horses, and an Andalusian stallion and miniature palomino mare mix. The acts included vaulting, western dressage, a side-saddle champion rider, liberty, an Olympic-level dressage rider, and a Fiesta, or a Mexican drill.


    Additionally, horse owner Jerry took the time to talk a little bit about himself and his horses. He lives in Brighton and owns 18 horses, including 5 Haflingers that he brought to perform a drill team liberty performance in the Mane Event. The one that he had with him while he was talking was a 13 or 14 year-old called Sunny who kept searching for snacks!


    The Rocky Mountain Horse Expo is a very thrilling experience for any horse fan or anyone that happened to go with its many horses, performances, and vendor booths. So keep watch and mark the calendar for next year’s Rocky Mountain Horse Expo.