The University of Colorado Buffs Charge Their Way to Their Debut Victory


On February 22, the Colorado Women's Lacrosse team hit the field for their first ever home game as a Division One college varsity program.

On February 22, the Colorado Women's Lacrosse team hit the field for their first ever home game as a Division One college varsity program. This game generated much excitement in the women's lacrosse community because it signified the beginning of a strong lacrosse program, following Title IX and Pacific-12 involvement. There was much support for this young team as they stepped on the field and played amazingly from the minute they stepped on the field for their debut home game against Regis University. The final score of this game was thirteen to ten with the Colorado Buffaloes securing the win. This game was much more important than winning to the University of Colorado team; it was about showing the world that a young, newcomer Pacific-12 team will compete with the best competitors in the near future.

In 2012, the University of Colorado announced that they would be upgrading their club women's lacrosse team to a varsity level team. This exciting news was followed with the announcement that this team would be competing in the Pacific Twelve athletic competition division. This division includes top-knotch athletic programs in the Western United States such as Cal Berkeley, Stanford, USC, UCLA, Oregon, and CU. These six schools have decided to include a women's lacrosse team in their athletic department due to the strong advancement of Title IX in collegiate athletics. Title IX is a education legislation that says that no one will be discriminated from participating in or joining an educational function or activity on the basis of gender. Title IX has affected college athletics because it requires equal access and funding to be provided to men's and women's programs both academically and athletically.  In order to even out the amount of funding that goes to men's and women's athletic programs, women's lacrosse was added to the athletic programs of six Pacific-12 universities.

The University of Colorado Women's Varsity Lacrosse consists of many young players; the oldest players being only juniors in college. This team has many challenges to overcome due to their experiences levels which are very minimal. After watching their debut home game, it was apparent that this athletic program has overcome the inexperience challenge and have a promising structure that will produce a successful lacrosse program. Head coach, Ann Elliot, said, "We are excited about where we are at and where we can go as we continue to work hard, believe in ourselves and play together." This varsity program has improved greatly over their short training time and will continue working as hard as possible to ensure success in the near future.