Mark Hoog: Leadership author, speaker, (and pilot)


“Live your life to make a great difference” wrote Mark Hoog in my signed c

“Live your life to make a great difference” wrote Mark Hoog in my signed copy of “Letters from Katrina.”


Mark Hoog is an airline pilot, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and author of the “Growing Field” books. Mr. Hoog recently came to speak at my school about what he has learned from writing.


A close friend, asked him once, “What have you read recently?” This challenged him to start reading. “The more I read the more I gravitated to motivational speaking and inspirational books.” He travels all over the country spreading his word to schools, corporations, conferences and teachers.


Those thoughts eventually became the Growing Field series. The Growing Field series talks about the self-development process. The first book talks about understanding that you have a gift. Each book in the series builds on one another.


The books have turned into an entire series of motivational and inspirational cards, posters, and journals. This then lead him to motivational speaking. 


He says that, “in order to make your dreams come true you need to turn it into a goal. A dream is something when you use your imagination, it is just something in your head. In order to turn your dream into a goal you need to give it a deadline, specific details, and if you want it to come true you need to work hard to get it.”


The example Hoog gave during the presentation was, if you want to be the quarterback of the Broncos. You need to give the dream a deadline. Next, you need to give it specific details. What number do you want to be? What skills are needed? Now, you need to start practicing your passing.


I really enjoyed Mark Hoog. He taught us the more you read, the better you write. As he spoke, everybody had their eyes on him. We all enjoyed watching him put on a performance with all the jokes, making funny faces, and making kindergartners scream with excitement.