Friends ’til the End


It all started one Monday morning in April when Mrs. Ramji made a special announcement. She was standing by her desk beside a girl I’ve never seen before. That girl wore sparkly clothes and a headband with a big bow. “We have a new student! This is Ainsley Biggs.” My teacher announced.

This book is a mixture of adventure, mystery, and humor.  I recommend it for practically any girl who wants to read it!  

In the book, Like Carrot Juice on a Cupcake, a fourth grader named Eleanor has to figure out a way to not lose her best friend to the new girl who looks like a sparkly present. Along with that, she was also chosen for the head role in the fourth grade play, “A Tale of Two Bunnies”. There was just one problem, she has stage fright!

Pearl, Eleanor’s best friend, was assingned to be Ainsley’s partner and personal tutor, leaving Eleanor with no time at all with her best friend in the whole world. She has nobody left except her dog, Antoine. Eleanor decides to focus only on the play and overcoming her fear of singing in front of people. The lines she has to say in the play are so embarrassing though! She has to call Nicholas, a boy in her class “sweet honey bunny” and “oh angel mine” UGH! Eleanor absolutely hates it!

With everybody chanting “Eleanor and Nicholas sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G” along with Pearl and Ainsley being “besties” poor little Eleanor is stuck. Will she be able to get Pearl and Ainsley to forgive her for sharing Ainsley’s big secret, and get over her stage fright before the play on Friday night?  Read this wonderfully adventurous book to find out!