Lovely Little Libraries


Little Free Libraries are a growing sensation around the world.

Little Free Libraries are a growing sensation around the world. Books can be easily accessed in the community, thanks to the original spark from the non-profit, Little Free Library, and random people all over starting up their own mini-libraries.


It’s a very simple concept. “It’s set up to loan books out for free,” said Little Free Library #5832 owners, Debby and Ken Olsen. “You put books in there (the structure) and put a sign out that says, ‘Take one, leave one.’ ”


Ken built Debby their Little Free Library for Mother’s Day last year. “We thought it was very unique, and would be fun to have in our area,” Debby said. Ken was in charge of the construction, using a basic building format in the general shape of a weather-proof house with a plexiglass front cover. Then, Debby took the reins decorating it, painting a beautiful mountain scene, as well as a yellow swing that’s in their front yard.


Inside their Library is space for 25-40 books. When picking out which original books to put in, they stressed the importance of books appropriate for all ages. “I sometimes go to the thrift store or used book store to get new books to put out there,” said Debby.


Kids are common visitors to their library. “It was really fun to watch them come in the summer and look through it. And then people who were walking would stop.”


The children would even take to playing library or school with it. “Let’s walk over and see what’s at the little library,” could be frequently heard.


You can stop by their LFL at 10420 W. 79th Way in Arvada. With over a hundred Little Free Libraries in Colorado alone, it’s easy to see that people like the Olsen’s are impacting the area by means of literature. Anyone can take that step towards putting “books in the neighborhood and encouraging reading,” as Ken said.