The Ruining-A Ruining of Psychological Thrillers


Disconnected storyline? Check. Boring characters? Check. Unsatisfying ending? Check and check! The Ruining is a ruining of the fascinating genre of psychological thrillers. Written by Anna Collomore, it isn’t completely awful, but it definitely shouldn’t be at the top of your To-Read List.

The basic idea of this novel was that 18-year old Annie Phillips is excited to leave her depressing inter-city life in Detroit to nanny for a beautiful young family in San Francisco. But unfortunately, soon after arriving in San Fran, Annie seems to be starting to go insane. Is her mind really slipping? Or is someone manipulating it?  The pace of this novel alternated between so fast it was confusing, and so slow it was boring. Occasionally, intriguing things would happen. There was just enough of these occasions to keep you plodding through the story. But the interesting parts soon ended and were never followed up on. And doesn’t it worry you that the most compelling character in the novel was a three-year who was captivating simply due to her cute, lilting speech? Even Annie, the girl staring in the book, was hardly a strong enough character to carry the weight of an entire story on her shoulders. She seemed more like a dull, uninteresting college girl instead of the poor, manipulated underdog she was made out to be.

By the end of the book, there was many open ends still not tied up and fastened with a satisfying bow. Usually, when books leave you begging for more, the writing was entertaining and enticing and a sequel is on the horizon. But The Ruining author Anna Collomore will most likely not be producing a sequel and the writing seemed more like whole, important chapters had been hacked out instead of being peppered with cliff-hangers. As for the good parts? I’d say that the gorgeous setting of San Francisco pretty much was the highlight of the adventure.

If you still want to read this book, consider your age. 12 or 13 years of age is probably the youngest you should be reading The Ruining. It contains lots of medium-to-bad swear words. Also, there are several scenes in which inappropriate things are discussed. But in truth, the writing and storyline are much worse than the few inappropriate sections could ever be.