The Humorous Book of Poems




Poem Depot: Aisles of Smiles, by Douglas Florian, is a book of poetry that really gets you laughing. In the book, there are tons of humorous poems that make you smile and make you want to read more of the hysterical poems. Some poems are humorous because the title is creative and funny, and some poems are humorous because the context has funny lines or the pictures just make you laugh. You can read the poems in order, or you can flip to a random page and read the poems on that page. The book can be read as a free choice book, or if you are feeling down or sad, read one of the great poems, and it will cheer you right back up. I would recommend the book to anyone who loves poems or just wants to read a poem. Parents can read this book to kids or kids can read it on their own. This book should be rated five out of five stars. The poems in the book were well written and the title “Aisles of Smiles” was perfect because the book really got me smiling and will definitely get you smiling. Poem Depot: Aisles of Smiles is a great book that will really get you laughing and feeling jovial.