Steering Toward Normal is Steering Toward Superb


How can your life go from perfectly perfect to so totally unnormal in just one day?


How can your life go from perfectly perfect to so totally unnormal in just one day?


Diggy Lawson is a normal eighth grader with a next-to-normal life. He has picked a great calf to compete at the State Fair and his dad is cool guy. Plus, he’ll see a lot of the girl he likes at 4-H, an organization he belongs to. Yep, eighth grade is looking up, up, up! Until a classmate’s mom dies and it is discovered that his dad is Diggy’s dad. Suddenly, Diggy has a half-brother messing up his life by threatening his chances of winning at the State Fair and even horning in on his girl. Will this messed-up family ever manage to steer towards their own kind of normal?


Steering Toward Normal is a thought-provoking, deep, book that will leave every reader wanting more. Written by Rebecca Petruck, it makes you realize the word “family” is more than just the dictionary definition: a group of people who are related to each other. Steering Toward Normal is a truly wonderful book…


 …for kids twelve and older. Because Steering Toward Normal contains some adult topics, kids younger than twelve probably won’t understand and enjoy it as much. But people twelve and older should not hesitate to read this notable novel.


Steering Toward Normal is not only fascinating fiction; it is also full of information about 4-H, livestock, and the Minnesota State Fair, so if those are things you are interested in learning about, this is the book for you!


Steering Toward Normal is guaranteed to capture the full attention of any reader, no matter how against reading they are. This book deserves to be put on shelves all over America, and when it is, you should definitely read it! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!