The Riverman


  There are many kidnappings that happen all over the world, and a lot of them are unexplained. Sometimes, the children are never found. After many years, and many kidnappings, there is finally an explanation. It’s because of the Riverman, the sinister character in the book The Riverman, by Aaron Starmer.



   Alistair Cleary was a regular boy with a regular life, a regular family, and regular friends. Then one day Fiona Loomis came along, and wanted Alistair to write her biography. He was hesitant at first because she was rather odd, but then he accepted. Fiona told him of this land called Aquavania, which she could access through the boiler in her downstairs basement. Here she could create the perfect world, just by wishing whatever she wanted, and it would appear. The only flaw in this world was the Riverman. He was a creature who could access all of the citizens in Aquavania through their worlds. Once he took you, you were gone.



   Many suspicions of the Riverman flew through Fiona’s mind, one of them was that he existed in the real world. Fiona knew she would be taken soon, so she left Alistair many signs. Then, she was gone, with the biggest plot twist you will see in any book.


   The Riverman is a mystery/fiction novel, that I would recommend for 11+ year olds because of graphic and scary content. This book would be great for anyone who likes dark/mystery tales, with a trace of horror.