A Sensational Playground


The STAR (Sensory Therapies and Research Center) center founded by (the author of Sensational Kids) Dr. Lucy Jane Miller in Greenwood Village offers a playground to individuals who are have Sensory Processing Disorders, feeding disorders, autism, ADHD and developmental disorders. Sensory Processing Disorder is when the one’s brain receives messages from the body that are either stronger or weaker than the sensation was experienced. The playground is constructed to be a therapeutic environment so people can interact with one another in a safe environment, improve their sensory skills and have fun while playing! The playground differs from an average playground because it offers specialty equipment such as handles on swings that represent flutes and play music when you swing, slides with rolling bars and parabolic dishes (someone can sit in the middle of a curved dish on one side of the playground and someone else can sit in front of another dish on the other side of the playground and both people can hear each other even when they whisper!). There is also a see-saw which not only increases body awareness but contains a clear container in the middle which contains balls which move as the see-saw tilts and plays music. The playground is usually only offered to patients at the STAR center but every Thursday from 12-3pm until October, the playground will be offered to to the public! All children will need an adult present and a signed waiver to participate. Get ready for a full sensory experience!