Couldn’t See The Moon At All!


West of The Moon by Margi Preus pulls you in, then slightly disappoints.


West of The Moon by Margi Preus pulls you in, then slightly disappoints.


After their mother’s death and their father went to America, Astri and her little sister Greta are forced to live with their selfish aunt and cousins in the center of Norway. As soon as the two girls got settled in, their aunt sold Astri to a poor and unfair goat herder, breaking the hope of the girls joining their father in America. After finding that she is not the only prisoner stuck with the goat herder, Astri and the other girl, nicknamed Spinning Girl, flee into the woods with Greta, starting their journey toward America.


I was highly impressed with the detail and how well the author made sure that there were sections in her book pointed at all ages of readers. Some sections were clearly aged for the younger audience and other parts pointed toward older kids. West of The Moon would keep most people interested and involved in its strange plot. The way that the author expressed Astri’s feelings so deeply was very impressive.


Sadly, the book was strangely confusing and a little hard to follow. Some sections had to be reread in order to understand at all. I also felt that many chapters in the book were unnecessary, and just added to the confusion. Emotions changed quickly, making it harder to follow. Even though different sections were pointed at different aged readers, West of The Moon was clearly aged for an older audience, such as, 10 and up.


This strange book is quite good, but be prepared for some confusion.