WARNING: This is not your dad’s Godzilla.

    WARNING: This is not your dad’s Godzilla. Modern technology enables movie producers to provide a fully immersive movie, accompanied with unbelievable 3D graphics, fantastic sound, and an incredibly realistic Godzilla.


    Godzilla is the 28th movie featuring the King of the Monsters and this is the 60th anniversary of Godzilla. In 1998 a nuclear reactor releases radiation in Japan, but it is stopped just in time. Everything looks safe, but the nuclear plant explodes after unknown seismic activity. The government evacuates everyone, and a quarantine zone is set up for the next 15 years. Joe Brady (Bryan Cranston) was among the evacuees and he always suspected a coverup. After getting arrested for trespassing in the quarantine zone in 2014, his son Ford Brady (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) flies to Japan to convince him to end his obsession. Instead, they sneak into the quarantine zone, and discover that the nuclear disaster was a coverup for what really happened and they are arrested for trespassing. There is evil brewing in the plant and the mystery of what Japan is hiding is revealed. An unknown monster emerges and threatens San Francisco. Brody follows the new enemy and Godzilla to San Fransisco to help save the city and his young family. Godzilla emerges for the first time in years and only he can save the planet from the evil creatures. The world holds their breath to see if Godzilla is friend or foe as he fights against the wicked creatures that threaten the existence of the human race.


    People from 12 year olds to adults of all ages would enjoy this movie, but I would not recommend this to anyone under 12 because of intense fight scenes and terrifying images of these huge beasts.