What it Means to Be Rotten


          Being kind is an appreciated gesture.

          Being kind is an appreciated gesture. When Rotten Ralph from Jack Gantos and Nicole Rubel’s story “Rotten Ralph’s Rotten Family”, wonders why he is the rotten cat he is and has been his whole life, he visits his family to find out. This short and sweet book truly shows how family can affect one’s personality as a child. “Rotten Ralph’s Rotten Family” is a great book for early readers with its funny story, and would be a good book for a bedtime read. Rotten Ralph and his owner, Sarah, are well thought out characters and make the book slightly realistic despite the book’s cartoon-like features.
          Rotten Ralph is a reddish orange cat owned by a young girl named Sarah. Ralph loves to cause mischief, but his owner is tired of it. When he is asked why he is the way he is, he starts to ponder himself. He pays a visit to his family to find out why he is so rotten. When he gets there, he finds a nasty surprise.
          “Rotten Ralph’s Rotten Family” is a great book for understanding how people can influence how others act. It is also a good book for learning about how you can make a difference in people’s lives by being mischievous or very respectful, as well as how people should be respected. This story is also an amusing read that can easily cheer someone up after a bad day. How can you affect others by being kind and generous?