10 Key Mystery


    The first butterflies came the day after the funeral. Tara’s grandma died in a car accident on her way to come visit her. Tara hadn’t seen Grammy Claire for a year now and she was counting down the days until she came home from her scientific lab on the Island of Chuuk where she studied mysterious butterflies. Tara’s house was dirty and unstable and they couldn’t afford it ever since their rich daddy moved to hollywood for his movie business. After the funeral, mama ran away and Tara hadn't seen her since.

    Later that day Tara received a letter saying that her and her sister Riley were moving in with Grammy Claire’s very trusted butler, Butler Reginald. Along with the letter, she found a key. Through a journey of keys and clues, Tara has to uncover a mystery that can only be solved by her. It even ends up with her going to the Island of Chuuk herself! She finds out that there was trouble brewing long before Grammy Claire died.


She has to save the butterflies and protect Grammy Claire’s scientific work. She was studying the Nipwisipwis butterflies.  One of these butterflies, the Giant Pinks, were enormous, twice the size of a regular butterfly.  They had the softest, prettiest shade of pink, ribbons of green along the edges, and brown spots right in the middle of each wing.  Another kind of butterfly were tiny, purple butterflies that seemed to sing a delicate kind of music when you were close enough to hear it.

I recommend this book for readers ages 8 and above.  There were many plot twists and characters to keep track of, as well as some fun and challenging vocabulary.  When the Butterflies Came by Kimberley Griffiths Little is a good scientist vs bad scientist story with a spectacular surprise ending. I read this book cover to cover and could not put it down.