The Island of Lemurs: Madagascar


 The Island of Lemurs: Madagascar, directed and photographed by David Douglas and narrated by Morgan Freeman. This 40 minute movie is entertaining and educational, while delivering a message about preservation.

In this non-fiction film there will lot’s of different types of Lemurs such as, Ring Tailed, Bamboo, Tiny mouse and Sifaka. The narrator's voice is rich and commanding, which amuses the story.

 The lemurs’ actions don’t only speak for themselves their faces express feelings too, so the audience can connect with them. They are charming, playful and have intensity in their eyes. When they look right at the audience, not afraid, but it seems like they can see through everyone. The Lemurs leave a strong sound on the ears. In one part of the documentary, Lemurs were calling out for each other echoing their voice in the forest which seemed amusing.

 There is only one place on Earth where Lemurs call home – Madagascar. It is known that Lemurs can only survive in Madagascar’s forest. It’s incredible that one of the most endangered, most intelligent, most prehistoric creatures alive cannot be kept in captivity.

The writer-producer Drew Fellman tells the story of how Lemurs made it to Madagascar from the African continent between 62 and 65 million years ago. By rafting out across the Mozambique Channel into the Indian Ocean on mats of vegetation. In Africa, lemurs eventually went extinct.

David Douglas shows the selfless dedication of American primatologist Patricia Wright. She’s dedicated her time and research to preserving these Lemurs at Ranomafana National Park. But it gets difficult to find and protect them, when so much of their rainforest home has been burned and cleared to make room for farming.

Watching this movie in IMAX 3D format gave me the feeling that I am in madagascar forest with the Lemurs itself. When sifaka Lemurs dance on the ground it reminds me of the song from madagascar 3 “I like to move it move it”. I would recommend this movie for all ages even the adults will like this movie as much as kids will.