Comic Con


Imagine a huge building packed with thousands of people talking and imagine that about 85% of them are dressed like they’re going “trick” or “treating” in the summer.

Imagine a huge building packed with thousands of people talking and imagine that about 85% of them are dressed like they’re going “trick” or “treating” in the summer. Multiply that by 5 times and you get Comic Con. As soon as you walk in you can feel the excitement radiating off of people as they walk around chatting excitedly with whoever they meet. Its so loud that you can barely hear yourself think.


There were people of all ages from baby batman’s to adults dressed as trekkies. There were also many group costumes such as a family dressed as The Incredibles and a group of friends dressed as the mario brothers and the princesses from the video games.Everywhere you look you are bound to see a character you recognize; from Maleficent to Deadpool, from Elsa and Anna to Finn and Jake. And, everywhere you look; there is a smile on everyone’s face.


Everyone dressed in costumes was more than willing to take a picture with you or have someone take a picture of them. Some people enthusiastically posed for the pictures no money required.


This year was the third annual Denver Comic Con (DCC) held from June 13-15 and there were over 70,000 attendees. DCC is a 3-day fan convention that appeals to people of all ages, it covers a different range of things from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and many, many, other superheroes to Cosplay and Anime and so much more! There are many different booths to check out which can inform you about digital designing and how to draw a comic book or you can check out booths relating to Lord of the Rings or Doctor Who. You can also look at booths that have merchandise from TV Shows, movies, and both Books and Comic Books.


This years Comic Con was especially important because it was the 75th anniversary of Batman. The entire building was filled with batman costumes, panels, merchandise, and comic books. There was also a cars exhibit where you could see the old batmobile from the older movies and the new batmobile from the latest batman movie as well.


Of course walking around the 50,000 square feet Colorado Convention Center gets tiring so there is also a wide variety of panels to choose from to visit. There are many Star Wars Panels, Star Treks Panels, Panels dedicated to a specific superhero, Panels about different TV Shows, animation, cosplay, and many more different topics.
Every Comic con has a guest of honor and this years guest of honor was William Shatner (Captain Kirk on the original Star Trek television show). But, there were also many other celebrities from different movies and tv shows not to mention many authors as well.


The lines were full of people eager to pay to get get autographs from their favorite actors like Bruce Campbell (Ash Williams from the Evil Dead Franchise), Jason David Frank (Tommy Oliver from The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers), and Lou Ferrigno (The Incredible Hulk.) Girls screamed as they eagerly awaited to get pictures with stars such as Chandler Riggs (Carl from The Walking Dead) and Jeremy Shada (Finn from Adventure Time.)


Comic con is a wonderful experience for kids of all ages and I would highly recommend going next year.


  1. Did you have lots of fun? A

    Did you have lots of fun? A few of my Whovian/video gamer/book nerd friends want to go together. (I'm one of that group of fangirls and fanboys.)

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