World War I for Kids


            World War I for Kids by R.

            World War I for Kids by R. Kent Rasmussen is a great book that will certainly improve your knowledge of the First World War, a topic most of us probably don’t think about much these days. This is not a chronological history; instead, in a very entertaining and easily readable format, it takes the reader through fascinating subjects from the war: animals going to war, trench warfare, modernized weapons such as improved machine guns, new designs for vehicles including planes and tanks, and much more! It also profiles famous people in the war, including the Red Baron, Edward Rickenbacker, Kaiser Wilhelm, and Edith Cavell. To help support all the information, there are interesting photos and illustrations on almost every page.

            Kids may especially like the 21 exciting activities included; making a periscope, cooking Maconochie stew, teaching a dog to carry messages, making a parachute, and many more activities add to the fun. There are even links to websites where you can read a popular WWI novel and learn a famous WWI song!

            Although this book is suitable for all ages, I would recommend it to kids 8 and up, because the text is sometimes confusing or difficult to read. This book surely will take you on a wartime adventure you’ll never forget!