A Funny Short Read


“Charlie Bumpers vs.

“Charlie Bumpers vs. The Really Nice Gnome” by Bill Harley is about a kid named Charlie Bumpers who gets picked as the Really Nice Gnome for the 4th grade play when all he wanted to be was the Evil Sorcerer, Kragon. This book is the second book in the Charlie Bumpers series. The first book is “Charlie Bumpers vs. Teacher of the Year”.
 When Charlie gets his part, he is very disappointed because the Nice Gnome is always so nice. Meanwhile at home his life isn’t going so well. His brother, Matt and sister, Mabel a.k.a. “The Squid” are making fun of him because of his part. They keep calling him the “Guh-Nice Guh-Nome”. To make things even worse the whole family has their share of chores to do. Charlie’s job is to take care of the dog, Ginger. Who is the sniffiest, diggiest, and poopiest dog in the world. Things get worse when he has to make his costume for the play. But there is an unexpected twist at the end. Read the book to find out what happens at the play and to see how Charlie changes throughout the book.
This book would be a really good book for you if you want a short book to read for fun. What I liked about this book was that it was not too long and not too short. It was just the right length for the storyline. Though, the author could have done a better job with describing the other characters in the play and book. I give this book four stars out of five and rate it 7+. This is because it is easy enough for a really good seven year old to read but it is about a fourth grader so it would be more interesting for someone that is in 4th grade.