If you are looking for a fun craft book for the whole family, then you might want to try Martha Stewart's Favorite Crafts for Kids.

      Yes, it says, crafts for kids, but really, it's enjoyable fun for the whole family. Sciency adults will love the Solar System Bedroom. Teens would like the beach-style board games and the homemade racecars. Kids, on the other hand, would probably like all of them.

      Some of the crafts the 350-page part-picture book gives instructions on are, in addition to the first ones mentioned, origami finger puppets, Pipe Cleaner Pals, Corn-husk Dolls, and Matchbox Gifts. Meringue Mice, Pompom animals, a seashell menagerie, and my favorite-Horse Stable Diorama were also included.

    These crafts are best made with simple materials you would find in the pantry or the backyard. For example, part of the Horse Stable Diorama is made with bark, cardboard, soda-can tabs, felt, string, and twine. Another example is the Shell Menagerie. This seaside project requires seashells in varying shapes and sizes, modeling clay, cement glue, beads, and a small paintbrush. So, everyday items are used to make the crafts in this craft book.

      There are 175 crafts in this whole book, spread out across 7 chapters. The chapters are: 1. Create a few characters, 2. Build a little world, 3. Make your own fun, 4. Design it yourself, 5. Experiment and explore, 6. Keep it together, and 7. Give something handmade.

      This book was written by the editors of Martha Stewart Living, not Martha Stewart herself. I would recommend this book for all ages, as the crafts would make any whole-family gathering enjoyable.