Dreamwood-In a Place that is not so Dreamy


In the book Dreamwood by Heater Mackey, there is a horrible crisis.

In the book Dreamwood by Heater Mackey, there is a horrible crisis. Dum… dum… dum… “Rust” is vigorously spreading through the forests and turning all of the trees into a mush like baby food. No one is sure what “Rust” exactly is, but Lucy’s father thinks that it is a destructive fungi, a special type of tree, Dreamwood, would cure this catastrophe. But there is one little problem. People cut almost all of the Dreamwood trees down and there is only one remaining. It is in a forest called the Thumb. The Thumb is a magical land where no one who has gone there ever returned again. The lumber yard’s faith relies on this antidote and they will reward $1,000 to anyone who finds a cure. Since times are rough for Lucy and her father, her father decides to take that risk because he needs more money to send his daughter to boarding school. But he did not know that will Lucy run away from boarding school to find him, only to come home to an empty lodge. Will Lucy risk her life trying to track her dad down at the Thumb?


I recommend this book for ages 10 and up because it seemed a bit frightening and in this novel there were advanced vocabulary words used. Dreamwood started out slow but then picked up the pace like a boulder rolling down a hill. At first it seemed like it would never get adventurous, but then it was a rupture of excitement and adventure like a volcano blowing its top. If you are ready for a thrilling adventure, and love cliff hangers then Dreamwood will surely fulfill your desire.