Unexpected Friends




From a stolen sweatshirt to a missing ring, Jasmine and Maddie by Christine Pakkala, is a mysterious book with events you don't see coming.


Middle schooler Jasmine Princeton just moved from Rocky Hills New Hampshire to Clover Connecticut. Everyone is already in their seats when Jasmine walks into her first class. While being introduced to the class, a girl named Maddie laughs at Jasmine’s name. Because of that, she has to give Jasmine a tour of the school during her lunch. 


        Jasmine is a well-dressed girl with a sneaky personality. When her dad dies, she feels desperate to help her mom in any way possible.  Maddie, on the other hand, doesn’t care about her appearance, but she has a deep heart. 


The girls don't really appeal to each other, but getting paired up for a poetry assignment just might change their entire relationship.  They have to learn to work together, and while doing that, they are surprised to learn they have more in common than they ever imagined.


       While switching back and forth from Maddie's perspective to Jasmine's perspective, this book is very entertaining and quite mysterious.  I enjoyed getting to see into the thoughts of both girls’ points of view.  The story had a quick turn of events, and kept me flipping pages.  The main characters are teenagers, though, and the story has some slightly inappropriate parts, so I recommend it for ages 12 and up. 


            Will Jasmine and Maddie overcome the mistakes they’ve made and  create an unexpected friendship?  If you are a teenager battling with friend troubles yourself, this is a great story to help you understand differences and teenage perspectives.