Dawn of the Planet of the Apes


The human race has collapsed. Day by day, humans everywhere are dropping like flies. Why, you ask?

The human race has collapsed. Day by day, humans everywhere are dropping like flies. Why, you ask? A virus spread by the drug ALZ-112 that scientists from the biotechnology company Gen-Sys made to cure Alzheimers. The drug was tested on chimpanzees but ended up spreading when one chimpanzee bit another human who got another human sick who got another human sick. The virus that caused all this sickness is called the ALZ-113 Virus.

Caesar and his new generation of apes (including some of the apes from the ape sanctuary) have built themselves a new civilization where they can hunt, drink, eat, socialize, and roam freely. Until one day two of the apes are walking in the woods when they come across a group of humans. One of the humans panics and shoots an ape from Caesar’s pack. The group of monkeys confront the humans and forbids them to enter the woods.

A few days later, the group leader of the humans Malcolm (Jason Clarke) realizes that they only have 3 weeks until all the power runs out. The only solution to their problem is to go up into Caesar’s forest and gain access to the generator that will help keep the power going. But in order to do so, the humans must win Caesar’s trust.

An unfortunate series of events caused by power hungry apes and humans leads to an intense battle involving several traitors, deaths, guns and bombs. The trust between the apes and humans is broken. Will it ever be fixed?

This movie is action packed, filled with intense scenes that will keep you on the edge of your seat with your eyes glued to the screen. The way the monkeys communicated was the best part of the movie in my opinion, the subtitles that appeared whenever a monkey was talking to another monkey made the movie a lot more understandable and enjoyable. It was very interesting seeing the monkeys use sign language and seeing them talk using real human words.

This movie is the sequel to the blockbuster hit that came out in 2011, “Rise of the Planet of the Apes.” This is an action/thriller movie but it is definitely a tear jerker and it gets very emotional at times. There are a few references to the first movie that some people may not understand so it is recommended to see the first movie but you do not have to in order to have a good time with this movie.

The first movie was magnificent and the sequel definitely did not disappoint. I would recommend this movie for ages 11 and up because of the images of violence and some language and romance.