Jenna Gobel’s sucess to becoming a writer


Jenny Gobel

Jenny Gobel
Today I interviewed Jenny Gobel. As a 4th grader she started journalism as a news girl for Rockies Daily. As she got older her first profession was an engraver and then became a teacher and then, finally was an childern’s writer. Grave Images was insipired by her being a engraver. She had an essetial question or a main question.


She says to always make a plot. A plot is a time line in the book. Jenny Gobel said to first have the main question. Ask who,what, why, where, and sometimes how. Also have a good idea for the whole book not just the begining. Plan things out before you write or type. Its always good to have a base before you start building your book. Also always read to increase your litterture. 


Also there is processing. After her agent likes the writing she sends it to a company and if they like it they will process it. After that, they try to find someone to illustrate the cover. Then the company has to edit it. If they dont like it they have to send it back. So you can see why it takes so long.


Jenna Gobel's is working right now on a book. {Spoiler alert} its called fourtunefalse and it is about how sayings are real in a little town. Sadly it will take a long time beacause of the prossecsing. 


That is what the sucessing steps of Jenna Gobel.