Jenny Goebel



                                                                               Jenny Goebel
Jenny Goebel was a young girl when she realized she wanted to become an author. She was racing down streets at the break of dawn, looking at the houses imagining what was happening in the houses at the time. She had no idea what she was doing. That is how Jenny Goebel became an author.
She doesn’t have a favorite book because “they’re like my children.” That shows you how much books mean to her.
She prefers writing short books rather than large novels because they take a long time. She has written a picture book called Foreman Farley Has a Backhoe.
Every book she writes it connects to something in her life. In Foreman Farley Has a Backhoe reminds her of when her children were little and she watched them play with toy trucks and building equipment.
When she wrote her first book Grave Images, she submitted it to Scholastic, where they turned her away and said her writing was “too muddled.” For 6-9 months, she revised her story. Then, after she submitted it again, Scholastic accepted her. That shows you that she never gave up and she tried her best.
She is writing a book called Fortune Falls. It is a book where superstitions are real. Example: If you step on a crack on the sidewalk, you actually break your moms back. I bet Fortune Falls will be on the bookshelves, next day later, there will be none.
Jenny has not only been an author, she has been an engraver, a teacher, and a newspaper carrier.
Her favorite part of writing is meeting other people along the way.
Jenny Goebel is an amazing person. She’s also very nice. Remember to read Grave Images.