Mike Keefe the Cartoonist




Mike Keefe was a cartoonist for the Denver Post for 13 years and retired in 2011. He loved his job and never missed a day of work. As a cartoonist he drew cartoon pictures for the Denver Post newspapers for everyone to look at every day. Mike didn’t know he was going to be a cartoonist for a newspaper because he was more interested in math and science than drawing. However, he always knew he could draw. Mike started to draw at the age of 8, and he had a talent! Now these days mike draws for a living! He draws cliches: for an example desert island and fish eating fish eating fish, then he puts word bubbles in the pictures containing politics and life lessons. It takes him about 20-30 minutes to draw a cartoon depending on what he’s drawing about. When Mike worked with the Denver Post he drew about 5 cartoons a week. Everyday Mike would have to make a new drawing so it could go into the newspaper the next morning. However, if the newspaper editors didn’t like his cartoon drawing he would have to make a new one until they liked his drawing, but Mike said that didn’t happen often.

When Mike Keefe draws he doesn’t just draw funny happy cartoons he draws dramatic cartoons too. Mike has drawn cartoons about lots of topics like presidents, life lessons, tragedies, and so many more. Mike is an inspirational artist!