Get Your Adventure On




    Instead of sitting on the couch all day, get out of the house and go Geocaching. Geocaching is a treasure hunt that you can do anywhere you go.

    Geocaching was founded in 2002 by Groundspeak. Since then, over 2 Million caches have been hidden. Now it is your turn to find them.

    The first step is to download the Geocaching Intro app that is free. There are others that cost $10, but the intro app works perfectly fine. Then you’ll need to create an account. The app will show you how to do that or you can create an account on After that, check out any nearby caches. Once you find a cache start adventuring out. In the app, it is very helpful to use the compass. While Geocaching, you have to use your brain to find the geocache because sometimes the coordinates are a little bit off and you must know geography very well. When you find the cache, it is OK to celebrate, but just make sure to sign the physical log and the log on the app. You can also trade out little knick-knacks such as yo-yos, stickers, and even games (tiny ones from the dollar store). Don’t forget to always leave something when you take something. Once you’re done, re-hide the cache in the same spot you found it and off you go.

    Caches can be any size. There are micro caches, such as Project… Near the Corner (located in Centennial).  There are also small caches such as Holy Cache #1: St. Gabriels (located in Cherry Hills). If you are lucky, you may find a medium cache such as Old Nine Line (located in Vail). Finally, if you are EXTREMELY lucky, you will find a large cache. Sadly, those are very rare.

    There are not only traditional caches on the road, there are also Mystery Caches. Mystery caches are when the coordinates are not correct and you must solve a puzzle to get the right ones. Some easy ones to get you started are, “Obscure Oldies #1: At the Zoo and Obscure Oldies #5: Lily, Rosemary, & the J. of Hearts.

    In addition to Geocaching, there are trackables.. There are two types of trackables geocoins and travel bugs. When you find a travel bug or geocoin, you do not keep it, instead you take it and hid it in a different cache.

    Geocaching in a great way to stay active, so get the app and start your exciting adventure today.