“Rise of the Undead Redhead”




Meghan Dougherty, a roller-derby player, and Alece Birnbach, a very talented illustrator, wrote a fictional story about nine girls who form a great roller derby team.  The characters' differences help them succeed in this unusual sport for girls. 

The main character, Dorothy, lives with her Grandma at a funeral home. Wearing leopard pants and having a pink Mohawk, her Grandma is a spunky and crazy woman.

Dorothy is starting at a new school, where she makes some unique friends. Dorothy and her friends find out her Grandma used to be a Roller-Derby star.  They think Roller-Derby sounds really interesting, so they decide to make a team themselves. Somehow or other they enter themselves in a Roller-Derby match, that comes up in about 2 weeks!

How will they get themselves out of this knot? Or will they try to defend themselves in the game?
The first book in Dorothy’s Derby Chronicles, is called, “Rise of the Undead Redhead.

Roller-Derby is a sport for girls who need to get their aggression out of their systems. Just as it sounds, it is played on roller skates. Jammers score all of the points, blockers push and shove the other team and try to knock the opposing team's jammer to the ground, and the pivot is also a blocker, but she knows the strategy a bit more than the other blockers.