Equations = Zombies




 Evil eel + labcoat + lighthouse + lightning = a dangerous hypnotic zombie eel. My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish, the sequel by Mo O’hara, is surprisingly 2 stories in one book.

 The first story is about a vacation to a mysterious lighthouse of eel bay, where Mark, Tom and Pradeep find a strange old lighthouse keeper. The lighthouse keeper always told them creepy stories and even told one that involved an evil eel. When Mark heard the story about the evil eel, he thought it was one step closer to world domination because he wanted to take over the world. For Tom and his friends, the evil eel was a mystery, and the more closer they got to solving the mystery, the more in-depth it was. Find out if Mark dominates the world or will Pradeep and Tom stop him from world domination.

 The second story is about Tom and Pradeep’s childhood at school. When Tom and Pradeep sign up to perform in a play, They had to sing a song but did not know tell they got there for the auditions, and at the end of the audition Pradeep gets the main role. After Pradeep got main role, Pradeep stopped being Toms friends, and Mark Tom’s evil scientist brother gets a part in the play as well! Is Mark planning something evil, and will Tom and Pradeep stop him if he is?

The only thing I did not like was when the author used the word “moron” very frequently in the story, Except that stories and illustrations are enjoyable. I would recommend this book for ages 8 and up. This 201 page 32 chapter book was humorous and mysterious at the same time. Some humor that was good was when Tom was singing a song for the school play it was called squeaky clean toilets. “ Ah, so clean and fresh … think your guests … with Squeaky Clean Toilets”.