The Hundred Foot Journey


The Hundred Foot Journey is the newest masterpiece hot out of the oven.

The Hundred Foot Journey is the newest masterpiece hot out of the oven. Producers Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg have brought to life the Richard Morais novel about the Kadam family and their experience in France.

Papa (Om Puri) only wants the best for his family and his strictly Indian restaurant. After sampling several different countries, Papa decides to take his family to France. When things don’t go as planned they end up in a small town in southern France. The family has their first taste of French cuisine and fall in love with it.

Papa stumbles upon the perfect estate for their restaurant. His family tries to persuade him not to buy it because there is a Michelin star restaurant no more than 100 feet away. Nothing will change his mind. Working together the Kadam family opens their restaurant. When Madame Mallory, (Helen Mirren) the owner of the restaurant across the street, hears about her competition it stirs up quite the commotion. Both owners attempt sabotage and protest. They realize that they will have to let the cooking do the fighting. So they sharpen their knives and continue their cooking quarrel.

Through all of this Hassan, (Manish Dayal) Papa’s aspiring chef son who learned everything from his mother, looks towards Marguerite, (Charlotte Le Bon) a chef at Madame Mallory’s restaurant, for cooking advice. His interest in French cuisine boils up until he can’t help but do something about it. He has to make a decision. He can take the short journey to Madame Mallory’s restaurant to learn the French ways and leave his family or ignore his potential talent.

Don’t worry about being left out if you aren’t a Michelin star worthy chef. You can still enjoy the movie if you don’t like cooking. Director Lasse Hallström does a great job of showcasing the importance of teamwork, family and culture. The clashing cultural accents make it a little hard to understand at times. However, the humor that is sprinkled in throughout the movie makes it more enjoyable. If you are looking to indulge in a romantic comedy about two different cultures and passionate cooking then The Hundred Foot Journey is the movie for you.