Fast-Paced “Scare”


Gravediggers Entombed by Christopher Krovatin is a zombie novel.

Gravediggers Entombed by Christopher Krovatin is a zombie novel. There are many zombie novels out there, some aimed towards kids, some towards teens, some towards adults, and some that have an age range that is hard to decipher. But with this one, it’s fairly easy to tell that this is aimed at a kid/pre-teen age range. Gravediggers Entombed is made to look like a scary book, and it can be, but while I was reading it, it didn’t seem at all horrifying or scary in any way. It all can depend on your personality and what you’re use to.

Gravediggers Entombed is about three kids who are known as Gravediggers. Their names are Ian, Kendra, and PJ. They found out a few months ago about their Gravedigger title from their friend and Warden, O’Dea. A Warden is a type of witch that can repel zombies but can not come in contact with one. Ian, Kendra, and PJ have been on 2 trips in the past few months and everywhere they go, there are zombies that seem to find them no matter where they are. Now comes their third trip, this time to Indonesia into an abandoned cave named Kudas to rescue their friend O’Dea. But Kendra is gaining new powers that she can’t control, PJ is facing a new fate, and Ian is just worried about survival.

Gravediggers Entombed is the final installment in a series so try to read the other ones first. But, even if you haven’t this book should still make sense. I would recommend this book to anyone from 10-12. It would be to scary for under ten and to young for over twelve. And for those who are easily scared, don’t worry. The cover is the scariest part.