Geoff Rodkey’s Third Book Won’t Have You Feeling Blue


Egbert Masterson was barely thirteen when he first encountered Roger Pembroke, the kind business man with ulterior motives, and his daughter Millicent. Now some time has passed and Eggs life still revolves around the Roger Pembroke. Roger has already tried to kill him three times, once on Sunrise Island, once on Deadweather Island and now most recently, on Pella Nonna. All for a map supposedly leading to the legendary Fire Kings treasure.


Welcome to Blue Sea Burning, Geoff Rodkey’s third book and the third in the Chronicles of Egg series. Joining Egg is his best friend Guts and their Native guide Kira. As they follow the map they again stumble upon Millicent and her friend Cyril who tells them that Roger Pembroke’s silver mine is worked by slaves. As the group journeys to end the slavery, Egg and Cyril fight for Millicent's approval, while every one keeps a watchful eye out for Roger Pembroke to get his revenge on Egg.

Being the third book in the Chronicles of Egg series, it is necessary to read the first two books, Deadweather and Sunrise and New Lands to understand the events and people in Blue Sea Burning. Over all, Blue Sea Burning was an amazing book and wrapped up the series well. Blue Sea Burning is recommended for ages 10+ due to low vulgar language and violence, and to anyone who enjoys quick-paced adventures, pirates, romance, and treasure. So sail to your nearest book store and find a copy of Blue Sea Burning.