Dork Diaries:Tales of a Not so Glam TV Star


       Imagine walking through an eighth grade hallway, people gossiping about how your appearance isn’t perfect.

       Imagine walking through an eighth grade hallway, people gossiping about how your appearance isn’t perfect. This is the life an average middle school dork, and it’s not always easy. That’s why Rachel Renae Russell has brought yet another story about the adversities of middle school. Dork Diaries: Tales of a Not-so-Glam TV Star; the seventh book in Russell’s Dork Diaries series is a children’s novel that will make you chuckle until you have a knot in your side.


       Nikki Maxwell is the most unpopular kid in school, and she has been since the first day she walked into Westchester Country Day Middle School. With a locker next to the most popular (and vicious) girl in school and on a bug extermination scholarship to pay her tuition, she’s not sure how much lower her social radar can get. But after getting a deal to record a song with her band for the famous television producer, Trevor Chase, and almost kissing her crush at the sweetheart dance, things finally seem to be going right. That is, until Trevor Chase offers her another deal-to have her own reality show. But with friends, her band, and school, can Nikki handle the pressure?


       If someone does not enjoy humor, this is the last book they should read. Due to the fact that the novel is written from the point of view of an eighth grade girl, every chapter has her quirky and modern personality. She screeches, speaks in abbreviations, obsesses over ridiculous things, and frequently refers to social media. In addition to the comedy of the main character, Russell has written the various aspects of her life (teachers, peers, family, incidents) in a unique way that is jocular. Also, because of the type of humor, the book is mainly directed toward tweens, adolescents, and young teenagers, not young children or adults. Next, because it is the seventh book in a series, you of course have to read the earlier books in Dork Diaries to understand it. Many important details in the first six books are continued in the seventh, so it would be beneficial to read the entire series.


      Tales of a Not so Glam TV Star is an incredibly complex yet simple novel. There are about ten different plots going on at the same time, yet they are not extremely confusing or adventurous. Nikki Maxwell is just a typical dork, so the book is not very serious or inspirational. It’s an upbeat book and a roller coaster ride at the same time.


       Rachel Renae Russell’s Dork Diaries: Tales of a Not-so-Glam-TV-Star is full of comedy and fun for adolescent girls. Its relatable emotions, ridiculous characters, and crazy experiences will teach young girls that being yourself isn’t such a terrible thing after all.