The Junction of Sunshine and Lucky


“Old Gory shimmies like she’s dancing the jitterbug.

“Old Gory shimmies like she’s dancing the jitterbug. That’s what Grandpa Gus calls his pick-up truck, anyway, the one he’s always driven, with Gus’s Salvage painted right across the doors.”
This story is about a girl, August (Auggie) and her Grandpa Gus (short for August). They live in the poor part of town where everyone has shabby houses but creative thoughts. Gus’s job is being a trash hauler, hauling away old cars, broken toasters, etc. to McGunn’s Iron and Metal (the town junkyard). When her classmate’s wealthy father starts the “House Beautification Committee” everything changes. The committee is going after Auggie’s neighborhood and charging monstrous fines for the neighborhood’s “monstrosities”. Then to make their house “beautiful” Auggie and Gus set out to change the community’s thoughts about beautiful and ugly. But when Auggie finds out the truth about her missing mother she has to decide between her house and the past.
The Junction of Sunshine and Lucky by Holly Schindler is an okay book, I didn’t like how it took her the whole book to get to the main point. I feel like this book could have been half or two-thirds of what it was. Most of the pages in between the beginning and the end were mainly just the writer repeating herself over and over again with nothing important going on in the story. In the end of the book I found myself getting bored, with only a few pages seeming endless. To me it was quite an easy read with only 230 pages, and big text. The story was sweet and appealing, but not one I would recommend. I would say that eight to ten year olds could read this book.