Mouse versus Math


    Bringing Down the Mouse by Ben Mezrich is a story where action meets math, physics, and a little bit of chemisty. This book has adventure and excitement, mystery and humor. I loved this book and could not put it down.



    It all starts when the most popular 7th grade kid in school stands up for little 6th grade Charlie Numbers from the Whiz Kids. The whole school is taken in shock and wants to know what Finn said when he leaned over and whispered something into Charlie’s ear. That Saturday, Charlie meets Finn and his sidekick, Magic, at the Midway Games at the Sherwood Halloween Fair.  Hes’ just in time to see Finn crush the impossible coin toss game landing all three coins with a bang! That leaves a nice streak of suspicion across Charlie’s mind.

    Two months later the two seventh graders came strolling into the 6th grade lunch period and pulled Charlie aside. “Sorry to pull you away from your friends but, could you come with us for moment?”

Without thinking, Charlie got up and followed along behind the two older boys. They took him to an abandoned art room, where 4 other students and a teachers assistant stood near the chalkboard. In the middle of the circular art room hung a velvet curtain, and all the windows were covered with black pieces of construction paper, blocking out any natural light.

    To find out what’s going on and what’s behind the curtain…  you should certainly read Bringing Down the Mouse.

    I recommend this book for ages 11 and up because there are both some bad words and complex words that are hard to pronounce. I should also warn you that each chapter starts out a bit confusing, and it might take you awhile to figure out what the author is describing. Other than the book’s few flaws, it was truly entertaining and kept me on the edge of my seat. I highly suggest that you read Bringing Down the Mouse and be prepared for an ending that will shock you!