Sisters Heads Off!


Author Raina Telgmeier brings more of her unusual history in her new graphic novel, Sisters!


Author Raina Telgmeier brings more of her unusual history in her new graphic novel, Sisters!


 Raina has never gotten along with her little sister. Amara usually wants to be on her own in her little nature filled world, while Raina is trying to find a common bond. A road trip through the Rocky Mountains will finally bring that out.


 Raina, Amara, little brother Will and their mom head on a car trip through California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado. During the trip they encounter many exciting things, like the first up close deer sightings and a bug-filled visit to Dinosaur National Monument.


All four of them are fine being alone, especially Raina, due to her unbreakable bond with her Walkman (Remember, this is the 1990s, so people don’t have iPods or anything like that, and CD players are new.)


When they get to Colorado Springs, Raina is unhappy to learn that her dream sister, otherwise known as her cousin, has grown up and is especially far from her.


One thing that I like about this book is that the author puts in flashbacks that explain to you what happened beforehand, and those flashbacks often connect to the current issue.


I also like that this book is about her relationship with her family and only in one certain time period, whereas Smile, her first book is about her teeth and her friends, without much about her family.


The only thing that I do not like is that she leaves some things unfinished, like the faltering relationship between her mom and dad. I wish I knew how this ended, because I feel that she left me on a cliffhanger.


Other than that, I would definitely give this book full credit. Readers everywhere will enjoy this amazing new graphic novel!


  1. I loved Smile and read it
    I loved Smile and read it like ten times! I’m so glad to hear there is a new book out. Do you know if it’s out publicly yet? And your review was written well and had all the needed info. Great job 🙂

    • Thanks! And the book is out.
      Thanks! And the book is out. I asked mike for it the day it came out. Thanks again, Tripp

  2. Great job reviewing this

    Great job reviewing this book! I read this book as well and I  definitely  agree about the book being pretty good except that some parts did seem unfinished. 

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