More than a Bucket Full


By now, I think we all know the meaning of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

By now, I think we all know the meaning of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. You take a bucket of ice water and dump it on your head, then you nominate people and they have 24 hours to do it or else they have to donate to ALS. ALS stands for apostrophic lateral sclerosis, a disease that slowly takes over your nerves, and eventually takes your life. Scientists have been looking for a cure to this disease, but they need more funding. That is where the Ice Bucket challenge comes in. So far, the Ice Bucket Challenge raised over 115 million dollars and counting, this year. Mr. Ryckman, the tech teacher at Rocky Heights Middle School in Littleton, had the great idea to nominate 2 big groups of kids every week to take the challenge, and if they donate one or more dollars to ALS, they get their video of them doing the challenge on the daily school news. This sparked an idea-what if our group can get a fire truck to hose them down? Thanks to Mr. Graham for arranging it, they were able to get a fire truck to come from the local high-school and hose them off. After getting sprayed by the fire truck Mia Deck, a student at the school commented, “Well worth it, fun, and for a good cause. I would do it over and over again a million times, if it would mean helping people with ALS." This group raised a little over $800. It seemed like everyone had a blast while raising awareness and money for ALS.