Horses, Family, Friends



    The book Wind Dancer by Chris Platt is a great story for anyone who likes books about friendship and family with a few horses, or anyone who likes a quick read with emotion, flashbacks, and family stories.


    Ali McCormick’s heart used to belong to horses, but then everything changed. Her brother joined the military and her pony, Max, broke his leg and couldn’t be saved.


    Now, her brother‘s back home, with trauma and a half-gone left leg. Ali and Cara, her best friend, find out that their elderly neighbor, Mrs. Marshall, has been neglecting her horses, and they decide to do something about it.


    The next day at school, Ali makes a call to Animal Control, and when the bus drops them off, the Animal Control trailer is there. After being removed from Mrs. Marshall, the horses somehow end up at Ali’s house.


    A few days later, after Ali and Cara confess and name the horses, they learn how bad off they really are. If the horses eat too much, they could die. Later, many incidents with  Ali’s older brother, Danny, lead them to believe that he has PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), and just another thing to worry about. The horses make progress, the mare, Misty, pretty fast, but the gelding, Wind Dancer, making slow progress, doing much better only with Danny’s help.


    But Ali still tries to make herself not fall in love with the horses. Will helping them help recover her love for horses?


    I loved this book because of the family stories and the fact that the two worst off characters were helping each other recover in some way or another.


    I would recommend this book for ages 8 and up, not for violence or inappropriate parts, but because children under 8 might not be able to read or understand parts of it, therefore enjoy it less.