It’s a field trip, inside your classroom


Time Travel Field Trips is a field trip where you never leave your classroom.

Time Travel Field Trips is a field trip where you never leave your classroom. After entering your classroom, you  will be introduced to Mrs. Wyman, the owner and founder of Time Travel Field Trips. Soon rather than in a classroom, you are traveling through time.

All the students in the class are sorted into groups, and learn what the field trip is about, and what their role is. After picking a real person, who once actually lived and did what a student will do on this field trip, the student chooses supplies.


This is a life or death matter for the character. In a few minutes they set off on the journey. This may be a pioneering trip or the kids may embark on a spy mission in World War II.  Participants must make several life or death decisions.  Each experience differs depending on previous decisions and story line.

    Mrs. Wyman says”I was once a teacher and this inspired me to start Time Travel Field Trips.”  She travels around Colorado, going to schools and teaching different classes. Her method of interactive  teaching takes time to prepare and most teachers don’t have that time, so Mrs. Wyman prepares the lesson and teaches it for the teacher.  


She also links information to tragedy. This means often the students’ characters’ loved ones (or their character) may die.


“This helps their brains hang on to the information,” Mrs.Wyman explained.  The student also starts to feel more understanding for the people in history. No longer is it just some random person from 170 or so years ago whose family is walking 600 miles to Colorado, it’s the child and their family.

    Conner, a fourth grade student, said that he liked the field trip. He also commented that if given the option he would go again. Time Travel Field Trips is an enhancing new learning experience.