"Unmarked" by Kami Garcia is the second book in the "Unbreakable" series.

     "Unmarked" by Kami Garcia is the second book in the "Unbreakable" series. Kennedy Waters is a Legion member, and she and the rest of her friends are dedicated to chasing spirits and demons. The most important of these demons being Andras, the Author of Discords, the one that Kennedy just set free. After Kennedy was found at the deconstructed prison, and convicted of running away, she was sent to a school for 'troubled' girls. This is where the story finds her. Soon enough, though, she meets up with rest of the Legion, and they begin the trek across America to find Andras. Soon, though they begin to uncover strange things about her family and their past. Through this journey, she will discover what exactly makes her Unmarked.

     This book is wonderful for older readers, with a quick moving, intricate plot that makes it impossible to put the book down. The characters and plot are well developed, but the book can get a little confusing at times. One thing that I didn’t like was that the author tried to add twists that were not always carried through with. For instance, at the beginning of the book, a new girl arrives at the boarding school. She seems similar to Kennedy, and seems like they are going to end up, as friends and she will be an important part of the book. However, after a few pages including her, they ceased all mention when Kennedy escaped with the Legion. In general, I recommend this book for ages 11 and up, as some scenes are more mature, and there are some very haunting images.