To the Ridge!


     When you think of the great and ancient dinosaurs what comes to mind?

     When you think of the great and ancient dinosaurs what comes to mind? For me, I think of Dinosaur Ridge. Celebrating its 25th anniversary, the Ridge is world famous for dinosaur fossils.


     Visiting the Ridge was a wonderful experience. There were so many different exhibits I couldn’t decide which one was my favorite. Some of the exhibits in the main building were dinosaur bones, and maps of what Colorado looked like up to 150 million years ago. Another exhibit was The Marsh, an ancient marshland (which is now desert hillside) where many dinosaur fossils are found. And finally the Track Site, where paleontologists are still finding new dinosaur foot prints today!


     So I asked a couple of people what their favorite exhibits were. Amber, a nice worker at the Ridge said, “ My favorite thing here is the track site were many different kinds of dinos used to live, this is what made us famous and is just a really cool experience to see.” Doug Hartshorn, a Paleo Tech from the Morrison Natural History Museum who volunteers at the Ridge said, “Learning about the history of the Earth is just exciting and beautiful – it ultimately gets at the question of how it all began. I think my favorite thing is this entire place.”


     One thing that has changed over the years at Dinosaur Ridge is that the road through the Ridge used to be open to public traffic. More recently, the road has been closed and can only be used by pedestrians or Dinosaur Ridge shuttles. As a result, the area is now much safer to explore and have a fun time.


     As I was there I saw many students and realized this would be an amazing place for a class field trip or even a school field trip. Erin, another kind employee at the Ridge, said that last year 17,000 kids came to the Ridge, “and each one of them had a blast.” To me, if 17,000 kids came here last year this archeological dig is a pretty marvelous place!


     I think this is a wonderful place to visit explore and learn.