Pet Lover’s, You’re In Luck!


Pet Squad: Jellybean by Cynthia Lord is a really great book for pet lovers.

Pet Squad: Jellybean by Cynthia Lord is a really great book for pet lovers. Although this book is intended for a younger reader, it’s still a story that makes you want to get to the next page.

Suzannah loves animals. But there is one problem, she lives in an apartment that doesn’t allow pets. That menas owning one is not a possibility. Suzannah’s mom finds out that the local animal shelter has a club called The Shelter Pet Squad. The pet squad helps animals, plays with animals, and even makes toys for animals. Suzannah wants to join The Shelter Pet Squad badly but she is a teeny bit shy. Since she can’t have a pet of her own, she decides to join the club.

The first day she goes, she has so much fun and doesn’t want to leave. She makes treats for dogs, plays with cats, and makes new friends. A couple of weeks later, a girl Suzannah’s age comes in with her guinea pig cage and her mom and dad following closely behind. She was crying very hard. She told the the lady at the front desk that she was moving and couldn’t take her guinea pig Jelly Bean along. Suzannah promises the girl that she will find a great home for Jellybean. She tries everything. As a member of The Shelter Pet Squad, Suzannah starts with making fliers to put in teachers mailboxes. She begs teachers to adopt Jellybean for their class pet. She asks family, friends and even her own mom and dad. Denial after denial puts Suzannah in a tough spot. No one seems to want Jelly Bean at all. Trying to find Jellybean the perfect home isn’t so easy.
If Suzannah doesn’t find a home quickly, JellyBean will be sent to another shelter and Suzannah’s promise will be broken.

I would recommend this book to younger readers. It is an easy chapter book filled with tons of pictures. If you like pets then read about Jellybean to find out if she finally gets the perfect home.