The Paper Cowboy


Tommy aspires to be a gallant cowboy that fights bad guys and always comes in to save the day.

Tommy aspires to be a gallant cowboy that fights bad guys and always comes in to save the day. But how is he supposed to e a good guy when he just cant seem to stop stealing from the store and picking on other kids at his cowboy. Also, Tommy does not exactly have the greatest role models around him to inspire him, his mom is slowly losing her mind and his dad does not seem to care that she hits him. Now, after an incident that happened to his older sister Mary Lou that could have been stopped if he had just done his chore like he was supposed to Tommy feels like he just cant get anything right. Here comes a gripping tale by Kristin Levine about finding yourself and the fact that if you can not find any nice people around you, you should step up and fill the space.

The Paper Cowboy was so inspiring and after I finished it I was in awe of the message it gave me. The author gave me a great message on how badly bullying can affect kids and how bad abuse can affect people. At times, it even left me in tears. It shows that everyone has a story that may not be obvious to the naked eye, you should be nice to everyone no matter what, even if they are not nice to you because they might be going through a hard time. This books managed to show multiple different perspectives on something happening in the book. I liked how none of the characters were perfect and this book did not end like a disney movie. All the characters had flaws and although may of them learned from their mistakes alot of them still held their ground and continued to make the same mistakes. It took a long time for each character to find themselves in this book because they would keep repeating their wrong doings and at times it would get very frustrating. My favorite thing about this book is how real it is, it takes a very long time for everyone in the story to develop and find their morals; it was beautiful seeing people finding their sunshine and even after the story ends many still have a long way to go before they become the person they want to be.