Finding a Furry Friend


          Picking a pet can be a difficult process. In the book “Gaby, Lost and Found” by Angela Cervantes, a girl named Gaby is able to easily find a pet she wants, but the catch is that she has no home to take it too. This story is good for children ages 9 to 12, but that doesn’t stop it from being enjoyable by children younger or older.

          Gaby is a 6th grade girl, and her class is helping out at an animal shelter. She loves animals, especially cats, but she has been having bad luck with taking care of them. To make matters even worse, she has to hide some dark secrets to prevent bullies picking on her anymore than they have already. Her mother, as sweet as she was, was arrested, leaving her with a dad she never truly loved. Bullies at school make fun of her and she has only one friend that she can feel safe sharing her secrets with.

      “Gaby, Lost and Found” is a good book for multiple reasons. Most of the settings are easy to imagine, making them easy to connect with. The characters are realistic and readers can understand how they feel. The story is not packed full of details, but there are certainly enough to keep the plot interesting and vivid. Will Gaby’s mother come back, or will she be stuck with a father who doesn’t take care of her forever?