Sammy Keyes: And the Kiss Goodbye


Adventure packed, Sammy Keyes comes into action with a new book.

Adventure packed, Sammy Keyes comes into action with a new book. “Sammy Keyes: And The Kiss Goodbye” by Wendelin Van Draanen.


Sammy Keyes is almost an ordinary girl. She has friends, goes to school, and has a lot of supportive friends. On the other hand, her grandma has been her caretaker since Sammy was a young child. Sammy’s mom wanted to be an actress. But when Sammy was born, having a baby set her back because she had to take care of Sammy. So Sammy’s mom left her with her grandma to take care of her,so she could pursue her dream of becoming an actress.


Wendelin does an incredible job with the details in this book. I almost felt like I was part of the book. “Marissa might of pressed them, but Casey turned onto an apartment complex walkway, and the pinky swear she’d witnessed completely vanished from her mind.” is an example of these details. 


Sammy lives for danger, and helps put criminals in prison. Sammy has a friend named Officer Borsch. Officer Borsch is a good officer, but has trouble solving many mysteries. Sammy steps in and solves the mysteries for him. She helps put many people in jail for things they did wrong that no officer could catch. She does this all from the balcony of her apartment. All this could change when someone who she helped put in prison, comes back for revenge.


If you live for drama, and mysteries you have got to read “Sammy Keyes: and the kiss Goodbye” I would recommend this book for the ages 10 and up, because there is a lot of words that I had troubles with and needed to have a parent explain to me. Also, there were a lot of people that did some pretty horrible things, and might not be appropriate for young children.