Seeing is Believing on the Polar Express






 “All aboard accommodations are waiting,” festive music, a classic train ride to the North Pole, a cast of characters, just to name a few…ring a bell? Like the first gift of Christmas in the reenacted movie The Polar Express.


In Golden, at the Colorado Railroad Museum you can experience the sights and sounds of the Polar Express. “Reproducing the Polar Express experience” is how it’s described by Donald Tallman (museum’s executive director). This is the first year that anybody has performed the Polar Express and given a train ride, not only at the Colorado Railroad Museum, but in Denver! When you step in the train, you are greeted by an ornate, blooming-with-color centerpiece, an inviting, scrumptious cookie neighboring it, with a steaming cup of mouthwatering hot chocolate. In addition to that, you are greeted with smiling faces and music that makes you feel like it’s Christmas.

There are very well choreographed dances and songs that are carefree and entertaining. Dancing waiters, no worries, coziness, you will never want it to stop! The majority of the actors are volunteers. The first trains that you will enter are 1800’s stationary cars.

There are about three shows a night and all about one hour and fifteen minutes. About a thousand tickets were already sold! Tickets are $30, $40 and or $100 (less for children in all categories 11 and under) depending on the type of experience you want. A basic ticket includes hot chocolate, meeting Santa, “The First Gift of Christmas,” cookies, reading of the story, meeting the characters depicted in the book/movie, and riding a historic 1880’s train to the North Pole! The $100 tickets include seating in a snazzy 1880’s business train car! This sensational event begins November 21st and ends on December 28th. To find out more, check out further details on the website:

I had a magical experience there and I recommend this event to everyone big time—no matter how old you are! It is an extraordinary way to kick off your holiday season with some holiday cheer!

P.S. Don’t forget to wear your pajamas! In fact, it’s encouraged!