Spirit Animals Does Not Live Up To Its Popularity


Spirit Animals: Wild Born was in all cases a disappointment.

Spirit Animals: Wild Born was in all cases a disappointment. The cover is deceiving following the rule of “don’t judge a book by its cover.” The idea is somewhat unoriginal making it unexciting to read, but like other kids books it is good fighting evil. This book, I have to admit, was in some parts entertaining but it seemed the action did not take place until the ending pages of the book; it would have been more interesting if the action and tension took place throughout the whole book. As easy as Spirit Animals was to read I felt no motivation to continue reading the four book series. Throughout the whole book there was little to no range and difficulty of words only few escaped my vocabulary.
The age group for Spirit Animals I think could range from eight to nine year olds. Kids in the perfect age group for this book might be able to relate with the main characters and their feelings. Like most books these days the main characters are unkind to each other using mean words and in multiple cases even actions. The way they treat each other in the book could potentially influence the reader to show wrong attitudes toward others in their life.

I feel that this book was a waste of time in the sense of other great books in the world.